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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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30 Oct 2011


The sea had gone out such a long way but had left the sand very wet - my reflection shows up like a mirror

and when we got home mum got her paints and did a quick - One minute sketch

29 Oct 2011

a very short video.....

as it says, this is a very short video (mum filmed and her attention span is short as well as the video!)....

on the boat to the Isle of Wight

well, I did warn you it was short!

28 Oct 2011

Visiting Lynmouth

From my last post and the Valley of Rocks, here are some photos of my visit down the hill to Lynmouth that same day....

I ask Dad to lift me up but it takes a bit of persuasion...

....it works in the end....

Thanks Dad

.....I'll just check that mum is watching...
I enjoyed that visit.....
and we will go there again when I'll get mum to take more photos
Have a great weekend
love william

22 Oct 2011

Goats at the Valley of Rocks

We went over to Lynton and Lynmouth today and took a walk around the Valley of Rocks.  It's full of the most interesting smells you could imagine.....but to start with I heard something over the wall

and discovered these chaps

the Wild Goats of the Valley of Rocks..... I don't think they should have been in this field.  The local residents tend to be very upset at times when the goats get into their allotments or gardens.  Further down the road we found another herd of them in the car park

and mum did a little video, although she apologises for filming into the sun, obviously not ideal, but the goats would have made off sooner ....

they are quite inquisitive and when I get closer to them instead of running away some of them stop to look at me, but they never get really close

and when we left and walked back into Lynton we saw one balanced on the top of a bank

next time I'll show you some pictures of Lynmouth which is the twin town
to Lynton

                                                                 love william


20 Oct 2011

Night owl....

but no owls in sight....only me out for an evening drive

I couldn't quite understand what was going on

but soon discovered that I was going for a walk.......

and was surprised

to find we were at the supermarket

and it was open.....at night....can you believe it!

15 Oct 2011

I had a wonderful Birthday....

and thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes....I appreciate your good wishes and can say I had a

Great Day

Mum and Dad took me away for a couple of days over my Birthday.  We stayed in a lovely Hotel in Faringdon near Oxford  (here's a view from the grounds)

the village itself is really interesting with a lot of old buildings

and mum did a quick sketch of the old town hall, a late 17th Century building built on stone pillars

 but I did get  some wonderful walks on the outskirts of the town including around the Folly on the hill

Oh...but I didn't want to leave mum on the seat by herself....she said something about wanting to sketch

Just one last look back before I walked around the Folly with Dad

and mum's sketch she did whilst Dad and I had our walk

plus one of the view where she was sitting

and as usual I found the worlds best stick

All in all I had a brilliant Birthday


8 Oct 2011

Fingle Glen

I had a great day out recently ...mum and dad took me to Fingle Bridge.  It's near Drewsteington part of

Dartmoor National Park

the river runs through this picturesque valley - here I am getting a drink from the river

and this is where mum and dad got a drink....

we also took a walk along the river

this is looking down on it from the footpath -
which then works its way down to the river

there was a fisherman Standing In the River (that looked such fun)!

"I wonder if he caught anything?" - he didn't ask for my help....

and further along the river made a lot of noise as it spilled over the rocks

- where another hound came along to see me, but soon ran off
(look out for that towards the end of the video)

although I was more concerned about mum....

but before long we had to wind our way back

and head for home -
I had a brilliant day out though


4 Oct 2011

flying spaniel

as promised mum has posted some more pictures of me and Hamish playing on the beach

and he missed getting the tennis ball !

but he did get that one!

and us playing with dad.....

I love that game

......and finishing off with a paddle

1 Oct 2011

fun in the sea

The chance to meet new friends is always exciting and the beach is the place to be

 my game with dad and Hamish got interrupted by three collies....no idea who they are, probably holiday-makers down for the week, but we had a run around together

even if one of them wanted to take my favourite tennis ball - so I headed him off!


and they finally headed off down the beach with their owner

may be we will see them again another day

Hamish and I got on with our fun in the sea and our walk along the beach and I'm asking mum to post some more pictures for me another day

See you soon!