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29 Oct 2011

a very short video.....

as it says, this is a very short video (mum filmed and her attention span is short as well as the video!)....

on the boat to the Isle of Wight

well, I did warn you it was short!


  1. Very very short! :))
    Are we going to see pictures of the Isle of Wight soon? I have happy memories from holidays there.

  2. What a small world, I follow another blog of someone who lives on the beautiful Isle of Wight and so I enjoyed your short video and little glimpse into it! I hope you have an enjoyable day!!

  3. Hello Judy and Kim - mum is going to be putting some photographs on her blog plus some of her sketches from our short break on the IOW....and for anyone who needs reminding this is mum's blog:

  4. Yes, it is very short. Luckily for me, because I get sea sick of that kind of movies. LOL
    But I think you have had a really nice day.

  5. It may be short - but you were stellar, William :)