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20 Oct 2011

Night owl....

but no owls in sight....only me out for an evening drive

I couldn't quite understand what was going on

but soon discovered that I was going for a walk.......

and was surprised

to find we were at the supermarket

and it was open.....at night....can you believe it!


  1. Wow, William! Now mummy can have no excuse for ever running out of your favourite treats :) xx

  2. You are SO GORGEOUS, William! What an adventure you had.


  3. Did you get to go inside? Or did you stay outside to guard the car?

  4. Bonios available 24hours now!

    E and R xx

  5. ?? Why was that then?

  6. That's just what I thought Pat!

    More adventures to come Joanna....at least I hope they involve shopping!

    Hi there Butters - I didn't go inside this particular one, although there is one around the corner from it that I go in and they give me TREATS when I'm there...

    Oh Kath, don't tell E & R....

    You know Judy, I wondered as well why we went shopping so late....if I find out I'll let you know, but I don't think mum and dad knew either!

  7. William, you are so photogenic! Even at night! LOL