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28 Oct 2011

Visiting Lynmouth

From my last post and the Valley of Rocks, here are some photos of my visit down the hill to Lynmouth that same day....

I ask Dad to lift me up but it takes a bit of persuasion...

....it works in the end....

Thanks Dad

.....I'll just check that mum is watching...
I enjoyed that visit.....
and we will go there again when I'll get mum to take more photos
Have a great weekend
love william


  1. Lovely pictures, William! Have a great weekend too!

  2. Dad's are the BEST! Happy weekend!

  3. Your Dad must be very strong, our folks complain about lifting us up and we only weigh 15kg!

    E and R xx

  4. Hello Kath - Dad has a knack for lifting me...and I weigh about 27kgs! I know that because when I go to the vets I insist on sitting on their floor scales..LOL!