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22 Oct 2011

Goats at the Valley of Rocks

We went over to Lynton and Lynmouth today and took a walk around the Valley of Rocks.  It's full of the most interesting smells you could imagine.....but to start with I heard something over the wall

and discovered these chaps

the Wild Goats of the Valley of Rocks..... I don't think they should have been in this field.  The local residents tend to be very upset at times when the goats get into their allotments or gardens.  Further down the road we found another herd of them in the car park

and mum did a little video, although she apologises for filming into the sun, obviously not ideal, but the goats would have made off sooner ....

they are quite inquisitive and when I get closer to them instead of running away some of them stop to look at me, but they never get really close

and when we left and walked back into Lynton we saw one balanced on the top of a bank

next time I'll show you some pictures of Lynmouth which is the twin town
to Lynton

                                                                 love william



  1. Oh William you are SOOO brave to get that close to those funny creatures! Thank Mom for the video. Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. BTW, I have never seen a dog of your breed in real life. They aren't common in the southern US where I live. So I always like to see your posts.

  2. William, you were almost the same size as a couple of those goats!! :-) I'm glad you enjoyed your day, and I'll look forward to seeing the photos from the rest of your latest adventure!

  3. William, you have such restraint not to run after these fellows! Our Sammy would have been off like a shot! (We once went to the mountains and he took off after a bear! Thank goodness he didn't catch him!LOL)

  4. Glad you all like the photographs and my latest adventure....(luckily no bears on my walk Robin!)

  5. OOh we could have had a merry time chasing that lot, except we would have been firmly on the lead :-(

    Looking forward to seeing Lynmouth, we loved it there

    E and R xx

  6. Nice adventure, William!

  7. Yes, a brilliant adventure Judy...

    That would have been such fun E & R!..

  8. What a beautiful world you live in...thanks for sharing.So you lurch a lot too!

  9. I certainly do, both live somewhere lovely and lurch LOL....good to meet you Sophie and I see you are my latest Follower...I'm certainly doing likewise with your Blog, which mum has checked out on my behalf and really likes the look of.....woof woof for now...william.

  10. Fab walk William - you look better than any goat ! Tell mum to train the camera on you more :) xx

  11. Hi Pat, I try to tell mum but will she listen!!