16 Aug 2017

I had a lovely walk with dad at Crow point...

Then we stopped for a rest, but mum said it looked as though I had a plant sprouting out of my

head.   Humph....as if, just her bad photography.

and why does it look as though I'm smoking a red pipe, or is it a red whistle.

For goodness sakes mum, you need to have picture taking lessons!

11 Aug 2017

Look what I found the other day...

.....these were left by some little visitors to the seaside.  Hopefully they came back for them, but they got me dreaming of how I would love to sit in a REAL one.

They say be careful what you wish for,
because lo and behold Dad found me a

Trouble is, it was locked and no keys!


8 Aug 2017

Finally, I get onto the beach...

...and they expect me to fetch the tennis ball MYSELF!

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