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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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30 Dec 2013


- I'm good at it aren't I -

29 Dec 2013

Fun in the sea.....

this morning before the next storm heads our way...

28 Dec 2013

Staying in the kitchen....

Well, you never know what tasty yummy scrummy delicious treats I might find...

21 Dec 2013

This was fun....

my little friend Hamish enjoyed this run down to the beach too....

19 Dec 2013

Suitcase sit in

Travels mean suitcases, or so it would appear.  Thankfully dad is home and whilst his suitcase is being sorted out I took the opportunity to make a point and Sit In it, along with the little orange terror that has returned to our house for a week or so over Christmas.

Of course Hamish had to sit in the suitcase too whilst dad seemed to be talking to us about getting out of the suitcase!!  - personally we found it very comfy....(although not as comfy as the sofa and perhaps this could have been a chance for mum to have the sofa to herself)

17 Dec 2013

This Look.....

.....in case you are wondering is ME trying to tell mum it is time for me to go to bed.   I have to stand in front of her and just stare, in the end she twigs and lets me into the bedroom 

Night all

13 Dec 2013

Bad Hair Day....

...I seem to get a lot of those...

8 Dec 2013

Monkey Puzzle tree measuring....

The humans came across a small Monkey Puzzle Tree, and how do they show you all how big it is, they sit me next to it.....yes I'm 60 feet tall in a sitting position.

6 Dec 2013

Now look what's happened...

Enough that I had a tube on my left leg doing nothing, I now have a cut on my right leg and I keep licking it....so my Aunt Lil has put some Vet Wrap over it.....

                                                          POOR ME

but young Hamish saw what was happening and queued up for one too!!   

                                                         - WHAT A COPY-CAT -

5 Dec 2013

Small orange friend visiting is okay....

but having a cardboard tube on my leg....not funny you humans!

3 Dec 2013

Just met a new friend who took me shopping

Well not quite!   I was hopeful we could have gone to the shop that sells doggie prezzies!

Or the shop behind us - I love Pizza!

26 Nov 2013


 Can you see me?

24 Nov 2013

Mud hut and Info

I've insisted that mum adds these pictures...having done sketches of me on Sketching William and on my Facebook page I think you deserve to see me for real...so here I am....I really liked this house plus it came with sticks!!

I did read up on them....can you believe they really are made with mud!!

14 Nov 2013

Visiting Westward Ho!

Having our little visitor Hamish staying with us, we took him over to Westward Ho! for a wander around.  It's nice to see a different view of the sea.

All got a bit too much for me, I needed a rest - or was it dad needed a rest...I can't remember now...

and enough time for mum to sketch..


12 Nov 2013

Enjoying the Tarka line with my little friend

we had to rush back to dad before the cyclists went by...just about got there in time!

7 Nov 2013

Watching the fireworks

I love a good fireworks display
and Bonfire night was no exception

It was terrific!

4 Nov 2013

I've taken up carriage driving...

....and decided to sit on the play carriage at Arlington Court recently, 

although I was a little shy to start with...

I didn't want to leave, but my horse seemed a little

2 Nov 2013

When mum isn't sightseeing ....

she's shopping!!   -  so dad and I are still chillin' whilst we wait for her...just hope she has bought me some prezzies...

31 Oct 2013

Interesting adventure to Portsmouth

On our recent trip away, mum and dad took me to Portsmouth, well, mum wanted to go up the Spinnaker (take a look over at her blog for that)...whereas me on the other hand was far more interested in new sniffs, wee posts and people watching...

getting a drink wasn't that easy though...

I saw interesting things including this ice cream van, which incidentally was closed at the time!!!

hang on a minute - there's a Whale!


I had a Whale of a time finding a use for that!

so whilst mum went up the Spinnaker, me and dad sat on a bench and people watched...can you see us?

you'll have to look harder





 mum found us, of course,

and I knew

she was taking pics of us

as proof that I was

having cuddles without her!!!   heehee

to make up for that I allowed her a sketch...

26 Oct 2013

Having met the statue foxes the other day....

I knew they weren't REAL.  But dad seemed to have trouble with the concept!!!

it obviously left me speechless.

22 Oct 2013

When dad is shopping....

....I watch out for him.....wonder if he will buy me a treat to two?!

15 Oct 2013

Spot the adder picture

Even with the days getting shorter and the temperatures getting colder (I should know, I have heard mum and dad discussing getting my winter coat out)!!!   On days when there is a little sunshine, I still have to watch out for these...

13 Oct 2013


..... AND 





Happy Birthday Me


8 Oct 2013

When our little visitor was staying...

I remembered my manners and let our guest have a drink first!

although why I did that I don't really know.....the pond was plenty big enough for us both to drink at the same time...

6 Oct 2013


I was so excited, I can't tell you.  I wanted to do some digging yesterday

and I was hoping to sit in it

but the door was locked!   What a pity, I could have had great fun and by Monday all the gravel would have been moved and the workmen would have thanked me for my helpfulness.....

well, may be not, but a lurcher can hope can't he.

2 Oct 2013

Falmouth visit....

 there are only so many boats a lurcher can be interested in....down in Falmouth there are HUNDREDS!....

just as well I could have a snooze whilst mum and dad enjoyed counting boats!

24 Sep 2013

Are you really up that tree Dad?

well I had to check it out ....


did you get that mum...

you better check out the video and see how I got down...


22 Sep 2013

I was all prepared for a quick dip!

but when I got to the sea, what did I find - Waves and more Waves...what a let down!

never mind, there is always another day.

16 Sep 2013

Yay! Look what I've got...





10 Sep 2013

Keeping mum company

I have a very important job to do at the moment.  Keeping mother company whilst she recovers from her op.

It helps, of course, when I can relax in a sunbeam!

Such a difficult day!

7 Sep 2013

I'm a little put out!

Mum is resting with her poorly leg in dads chair....it's a recliner and very comfy, for some reason they don't let me sit in that!     SO dad is sitting on MY sofa, well we have two, but he sits on the one I prefer!    Which means I have the other sofa.....hence I won't look at them.....

I'll just sulk instead

5 Sep 2013

Whilst mum relaxes

I'm relaxing on the sofa next to her....

3 Sep 2013

Another structure on the beach...

....and oh I so wanted all these great sticks....

...and I'm not leaving til I get them