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5 Dec 2013

Small orange friend visiting is okay....

but having a cardboard tube on my leg....not funny you humans!


  1. Awww William, what are they doing to you!
    Looks like they are planning on posting you,
    us humans used to post newspapers in a tube!
    Is Hamish being posted too? :-)

    1. Post Hamish!...no, he's the wrong shape, lol.

  2. Digging your bangle William LOL.
    Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Love him!

    It's so funny when I see photos of William - it's just like looking at photos of Rosie Mae. I don't think she'd find the cardboard tube on the leg thing very amusing either :)

  4. I think it's sort of stylish! Lol. But i can tell by his expression that he definitely does NOT!

  5. Dear William, i enjoy your sketched adventures on Artists Journal Workshop so I am glad you have a blog so I can see you in the flesh, too!

  6. What a funny photo.ahhh poor William. :)

  7. Oh the horror! Poor William!