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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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31 Mar 2012

My Chair

I like to 'claim' certain Chairs in the house, but this one is a particular favourite of mine.  You see, I believe, and yes seriously believe that mum and dad had this particular balcony built for ME.  That means to say, I have to use when ever I can and that includes during the lovely weather we are getting at the moment.  So here I am, enjoying this particular chair.....

Oh, it's a Dog's Life !

23 Mar 2012

Fun with Dad

well I've got to amuse him somehow!....

Have a great weekend!

22 Mar 2012


On my morning walk today I met a new friend.... a Border Collie

who was very keen to play -

and proved to be very useful in bringing the ball back

we didn't find out my new friends name though, as the owner was miles off down the beach - perhaps we will find out another day....meanwhile, I will call this one NoName!

Then as luck would have it, we met George the King Charles Spaniel


George likes dad...

but George doesn't fetch the ball - his 'Party Piece' is to stand up on his back legs...

and then along came another friend, Bailey -

Mum has added a short video of me playing with my new friend NoName...

16 Mar 2012

Devil dog!

So who is that handsome devil!...

ME of course....

and I'll just pose whilst Dad takes his photo

Thanks Dad!


12 Mar 2012

A surprise encounter

The other week on our visit back to the New Forest, we stopped off for a walk and guess what we saw

yes, a couple of donkeys (mum and foal) 

this being the place where horses and cattle roam freely -
you often see donkeys as well

and as I absolutely adore them, I persuaded mum and dad to let
me go over and say hello in person!

then we continued our walk onto the forest and towards a large pond
- I need a drink just like the humans you know-

and GUESS WHAT (plus considering my previous post!)

What was guarding the pond




all on its lonesome....

but we outwitted it and went around in a detour

whilst it waddled after us

but HAHA

I got my drink in peace


I still had a strange feeling

we were being followed!

10 Mar 2012

Swan watch

I recently came across some rather strange looking creatures -  Swans!

Rather large, even in the water and they did seem quite interested in me....I wasn't too sure about them

I backed off when they got too near and looked a bit threatening!

and had a cuddle with Dad to make up for it

hope you are all having a great weekend

love William


3 Mar 2012

The Bench

Another visit to the New Forest recently meant I got to play at a famous landmark.  Boltons Bench in Lyndhurst, where people, horses and cattle can roam together ....and of course yours truly

being fortunate enough to stay in the Lyndhurst Park Hotel right next to this part of the forest meant Dad took me for my morning walk there each day - and this is where my adventures began

and I forgot to mention Rabbits...they live there too, well I could smell them

and I kept looking for them 

but no matter how I tried I couldn't seem to find them

and then I met something a little larger

 when I got VERY close to them I went back to Dad for protection

all that excitement first thing in the morning certainly
makes a dog thirsty

a good start to my day!