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12 Mar 2012

A surprise encounter

The other week on our visit back to the New Forest, we stopped off for a walk and guess what we saw

yes, a couple of donkeys (mum and foal) 

this being the place where horses and cattle roam freely -
you often see donkeys as well

and as I absolutely adore them, I persuaded mum and dad to let
me go over and say hello in person!

then we continued our walk onto the forest and towards a large pond
- I need a drink just like the humans you know-

and GUESS WHAT (plus considering my previous post!)

What was guarding the pond




all on its lonesome....

but we outwitted it and went around in a detour

whilst it waddled after us

but HAHA

I got my drink in peace


I still had a strange feeling

we were being followed!


  1. Hi William! I have not commented lately but I always enjoy your adventures and meetings on your walks!

    1. Hello Judy - nice to know you stop by and enjoy my walks.

  2. don't bark at donkeys, they make a horrible noise back!

    E and R xx

  3. You have such great adventures!

    1. I know Robin!...I have to keep my humans occupied somehow...lol.

  4. William...you are so lucky to meet the donkeys..imagine they are just roaming around freely...love it...and the swan. Such a wonderful place you live in!