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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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29 Jul 2011

the independent Element

Mum has added a painting of me to Sketchbook Challenge which she took from a photograph - this month's theme is Element -  (only another two days to go until there is a new challenge, mum is quite excited about that!) -

 this is the photo just to remind you

and mum's watercolour

it measures approx. 9" x 6"

Have a great weekend

love william

28 Jul 2011

keeping cool

Yesterday was SO hot here.  Mum put a sunshade up and sat under that most of the afternoon.  Plus the village filled up with hundreds of holiday makers heading for the sea.  One of the local car parks was getting very full

but I came up with a better plan to keep cool

and that was to stay indoors

and the coolest spot I found was behind a chair

- looks like I've been rumbled!

love william

25 Jul 2011

my weekend friends

Hope you all had a good weekend.   I have had the most wonderful weekend.  Some of my friends came to visit with their owners and we had such a great time

There was Hamish, who was in a pink bucket the last time you saw him!.....and as ever he wanted all my toys, they are obviously much better than his own!!

then there was Hugo

Hugo is a Spinone Italiano Hunting Dog, very friendly and  lollopy (mum isn't sure if 'lollopy' is actually a word, but I expect you get the idea)
and then there was little Gipsy

she is a very sweet little Yorkshire Terrier with attitude.  As you see she decided that the corner of the settee was her place, afterall where else would a Diva sit!

Mum tried really hard to get us all in one photo, but failed miserably as it all became too hectic and had to settle for this photo ....in size order you'll note.

And all too soon the visit was over and they had to head off to their various homes.  Well, I had a great time and I think that they did too......and hopefully they will all visit again soon

nothing like having friends is there!

love william


22 Jul 2011

Almost the weekend......

..................and what am I going to do this weekend

well, I shall be heading for the Sea

of course !!

have a great one yourselves ~

21 Jul 2011

Wash time

My little friend Hamish sometimes gets very muddy on his walks, but lucky for Lil he really enjoys Water

and when near a handy bucket of water.....  (well, you can guess what comes next)

please note that this very useful exercise is being pointed out to me. 

No....this is more my style

the Atlantic Ocean !


19 Jul 2011

Mind over matter

You know, I have heard that if you stare at something long enough

you can make it move......

and I am convinced that if I concentrate just hard enough

I can prove it is true

but then, I may just have got that wrong

love william


15 Jul 2011

It's Friday

This is a photo of me and Lil
although I was thinking about my dinner at the time


 (and in case you wondered, Lil is mum & dad's daughter)

Have a great weekend !

12 Jul 2011


Mum is always sketching me

no matter what I think about it

 for this sketch mum used just Ultramarine blue watercolour

I am in my defiant mood here and just thinking about running around the room
not listening to the humans!

sometimes I wait until mum has almost finished a sketch
and then I move and she has to start again......ha! ha!

When we go away I get to stay in a nice Hotel
where I am not allowed on the bed

and when we go shopping I get to sit on Dad's lap whilst mum shops -
well somebody has to look after him....

and just in case you are not sure what this looks like
here I am in town

As you see I do make people smile and very often
they stop to chat to me

Can't be bad making people smile can it !

11 Jul 2011

Splash !

Only time for a quick splash today !

Mum thinks I look like a Sea Monster in this photo
but I don't care I was having a WONDERFUL TIME

love william

8 Jul 2011


Hooray, my fresh supply of dinner has arrived 
in the form of 18kg. bags of Royal Canin Dog Food

and as you will see I am so excited about it

I like to check out the packages

and generally get in Dad's way

and get the finger pointed !

'Sorry Dad'

-This is my ashamed expression which usually works-

and I am soon let off the hook

  I can then get down to some 

proper work 

as this video finishes you see me looking up

that's my way of asking Dad to help

.....and he always does.....lucky me!

love william

3 Jul 2011

Early Morning Beach roll

Dad took his camera walkies this morning

plus ME of course!

Seperate videos until Dad masters the camera!

and now for the Roll !

I always enjoy my walkies on the beach

(you would never guess would you)

love william

2 Jul 2011

More Friends

Here's Bob and Daisy.......who I meet regularly on my walks.  They are usually running along with their owner as he takes them jogging.

Bob tries to avoid the paparazzi!

but if he thinks the camera has been put away
does like to say hello and have a stroke

and here is young Daisy, who is part saluki,

Time for a quick sniff....

and then they are gone for their run....

we'll see them again another day and perhaps get some more photos

(but don't tell Bob) !