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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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21 Jul 2011

Wash time

My little friend Hamish sometimes gets very muddy on his walks, but lucky for Lil he really enjoys Water

and when near a handy bucket of water.....  (well, you can guess what comes next)

please note that this very useful exercise is being pointed out to me. 

No....this is more my style

the Atlantic Ocean !



  1. Think big, nothing wrong with that! Love Judy.

  2. Sweet Hamish sitting so obediently in the bucket of water! I don't think you could get all your legs in that bucket, could you William?! No, the Atlantic is a much better idea!


  3. William, your friend Hamish is adorable in his bucket! (And YOU are very handsome in the ocean!) Thanks for the smile this morning!

  4. Well the sea is more you size. ;-)Hamish his size is the pink bucket. Lovely picture.

  5. Hee hee, she took us to Berrow yesterday and there was a lady with 3 dogs walking back to her car. She'd realised the spaniel was not behind her and had nipped back for one last romp in the sea :-P

    E and R xx

  6. Many thanks to you ALL for your lovely comments....and one thing is for sure, it proves I am very clean!! love william.