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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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28 Sep 2011

Summers back

Summer seems to have returned for a few days and I have enjoyed the beach even more

Happy mid-week !

22 Sep 2011

He's back......

My little orange friend is back to visit with us......Hamish in other words.  He keeps mum and dad on their toes, but they don't mind at all as he is great fun, and I love having him to stay.  We tend to stay together a lot of the time, by choice

I used this metal house when I was little and mum and dad needed a break from my rampaging, but these days they leave the door open and I just enjoy lying in it - of course when Hamish is about he comes in and stays with me

this is one assertive little hound!

and out on our walks he has to keep up with me

when he tries to pull mum's arm out of its socket....

and when we get home

I do sometimes find my own space at the bottom of the stairs

- he hasn't found me yet -

20 Sep 2011


what more can I say.....

17 Sep 2011

Storming the beach

It was so windy here the other day.  But I managed to get on to the beach for a run around

even if I nearly knocked mum over


Don't know what the problem is!

I only wanted to get on with my walk

as long as we timed this walk between the waves coming in....

I really enjoyed that walk and look forward to doing it all again tomorrow!

15 Sep 2011

Who's there...

mum was busy painting (sorry about the mess her painting palette is in!)  and she thought she spied something under her work space.......

yes, yours truly after my morning exercise


13 Sep 2011

The deep dark wood

I took my humans for a walk the other day.....to Arlington Court and into the deep dark wood

where I stopped to have a refreshing drink from a stream

although I couldn't quite understand why this old tree was fenced off....
but mum took a photo of it anyway and also a notice that explained
 something about it

and mum got very excited about all the different shades of green!

and I took Dad into the bird hide again....(you may recall I did that at the end of August)
but anyway I wanted to take another look

where I had heard a lot of quacking going on.....and saw some ducks!!
Wow, who needs a bird hide to see them -
 it seems to keep the humans happy though - no, not my humans, but some other humans who came along
complete with binoculars and settled down to watch out for rare and unusual birds.....
we saw them later getting into their car, so I guess the rare and unusual birds were somewhere else that day

but on the other hand we did spy this rare and unusual bird
eating a snake

and talking of eating, we then went home for tea.

8 Sep 2011

Taking it easy...

There we were, me and Dad, sitting at the pub last Sunday when a lady stopped to speak and said....
"I took a photo of the pair of you sat here last year"!   Unknown to us it was published on the
Sea Ilfracombe site.    

Luckily, we have been sent a copy of the photograph

Thank you Jenny DeHavilland for sending
this on to us so that we can share it on my blog
...................................love william


4 Sep 2011

Surfing dude

When I said I like going to the beach and running in the water, I hadn't quite thought of this!

and why in a dog's name is it


(NO....only kiddin'.....I just borrowed it from Lil when she came to stay!)
and mum has added her spin....

~Waiting to catch the wave~

1 Sep 2011

My new collar

It's a shame, but the collar I have had for ages has now worn through

Difficult to see the worn bit, but I assure you I needed a new one

My new collar was ordered on the Internet for me and arrived a couple of days ago.....

 why is mum looking at me with the camera?

......Oh, yes, she's trying to get a photo of my very posh new attire....

Not easy to see as my coat is the same colour.....

but mum managed to get a better pic of it...

and no doubt you can understand why I am so pleased with it -

I'm trying to look cool and laid back in this photo!

Have a great day