8 Sep 2011

Taking it easy...

There we were, me and Dad, sitting at the pub last Sunday when a lady stopped to speak and said....
"I took a photo of the pair of you sat here last year"!   Unknown to us it was published on the
Sea Ilfracombe site.    

Luckily, we have been sent a copy of the photograph

Thank you Jenny DeHavilland for sending
this on to us so that we can share it on my blog
...................................love william



  1. Oh William, what a great picture! Hehe, I guess it's true when they say dogs don't realize how big/small they are!

  2. What a great shot and a photographic pair!!

    I took a peek Sea Ilfracombe site--What a beautiful place!!

  3. You ARE a handsome pair! No wonder she took your picture!

  4. Fabulous picture! You and dad look so happy!

  5. What a wonderful picture!

  6. We are going to put this one under our pillow x

    E and R xx

  7. What a lovely Picture and you two are so happy white each other.

  8. So glad to have been able to share this photo with you all.


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