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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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30 May 2012

Whilst mum is shopping.....

I get to wait with dad whilst mum is in and out of the shops.  Today, we went over to Atlantic Village at Bideford and found a bench to rest on.

Eventually mum emerged with shopping.....and her camera.....I spotted mum first....

although I understand she did have the Zoom on.......I couldn't see her for a minute or so......but then I did get distracted for a second.....

and then a quick cuddle before mum got to us....

I kept my eye on her though!

27 May 2012

Finding a cool spot

when the weather is like this, I like to find a cool place to lay down

behind the sofa

and hopefully the paparazzi will get fed up and go away....

26 May 2012

Morning walk

My morning walk takes me down to the sea

even if I do have to wait for dad to catch up

and apart from a bit of Wave Watching

I have lots of fun...

 Ha ha....too slow with that camera dad!

missed me....

Ah...you got me.....only because I'm having a breather!

That was a great way to start the day

25 May 2012


Do you remember on Wednesday's post, I mentioned a Stick.........here's a reminder

I suddenly thought about it after my lovely rub down on the sand - well, this is where I was hoping to take it - just a little way up the beach someone had made a

Stick Insect

now isn't that clever

We have no idea who made it but who ever it was certainly
had imagination

Oh, and by the way, I didn't get to add to it 
as I got distracted with more sand rolling!

24 May 2012

Cunning plan

I have a cunning plan for the back of the car

a  Sandpit !

23 May 2012

My Towel

I get pretty wet with my games in the sea -

and need to dry off

So here's my TOWEL

Yep....the SAND
and boy do I enjoy this rub down

ahhhhhh .....   that feels so good

(oh, and you see the stick I go to - I'll show
you another day what I had in mind for that!)

22 May 2012

Fun in the sea

come and join me.....this is what I got up to yesterday with dad

first jumping this way

then jumping that way

and here I am in action - enjoy

Tomorrow I'll show you my towel!

21 May 2012

Spot the ball

and, yes, I did catch it

13 May 2012

Shell Bay

I have just returned from a few days away with mum and dad.  This meant staying in a Hotel, which I always enjoy...lots of people to see and say hello to for one thing, and lots of different walkies for another....

Shell Bay down at Sandbanks is one of my favourites, for one thing I get to ride over on a ferry

(and those buildings on the right are part of the peninsula at Sandbanks and
is said to be the second most expensive real estate in the world!)

and when we get over to Shell Bay I have a good game with dad

even if there is more seaweed here

I had a great time!

6 May 2012

Dad's trick!

Just have to show you this trick I have taught dad....he is SO pleased with himself, but for some reason he thinks he has taught ME......(the very idea!)

please note this is only a very short video....so don't blink


5 May 2012

Frog dog

My little friend Hamish thinks he's a frog sometimes, well he lays down with his back legs looking just like one!

3 May 2012


On one of my many walks with dad he managed to capture on video this slippery chap....who must have measured about 11/2 foot long.

I kept well out of the way.