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23 May 2012

My Towel

I get pretty wet with my games in the sea -

and need to dry off

So here's my TOWEL

Yep....the SAND
and boy do I enjoy this rub down

ahhhhhh .....   that feels so good

(oh, and you see the stick I go to - I'll show
you another day what I had in mind for that!)


  1. Hey William , I'm jealous you got beach , you got sand and I got boring mowed grass to roll in!
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Mum says grass is easier to clean up Molly!

  2. I bet your Mum and dad are ALWAYS finding sand in the house!


  3. That looks great, William! I'm curious what your Mom thinks of that!

  4. You guessed it Joanna and Judy....mum is always.clearing up the sand, there will be more at our house than on the beach soon!

  5. Yuck! I hate when sand gets in my hair! Watching this gives me the willies! LOL