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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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26 Aug 2011

Busy week....

Yep, I've had quite a busy week what with one thing and another

I've had my little friend Hamish (back again) for a couple of days,       

he tends to follow me about...................

and I attempt to get away.....

but he did at least bring Lil with him

and had fun on the beach again
we have had some lovely walks - this one was at Arlington Court

where we stopped off at a bird hide to take a look at the wildlife...

and, of course, Hamish had to take a look too

although we kept away from these chaps!

and I found the best and largest stick in the world to whack Dad 
around the legs with!

and at the end of each day we finished off by going back to the
beach where Hamish loved catching his toy on a rope
(even if mum thinks he looks like he has a 'handle')

  when Hamish and Lil went off home
I got to relax.....

and dream

and recover until the next time they visit

- Have a great weekend everyone -

23 Aug 2011

Dog's might fly

Have you ever seen a dog fly?   Well, at least my version of flying...

(I like the way Hamish has a surprised expression as I 'take off')

(little Hamish tries so hard to keep up!)

(sorry about the 'out of focus' frames - I moved too quickly for the photographer!)

Have a great day.........love william

15 Aug 2011

Still more.....

Resting going on

(apparently mum has an idea for a watercolour painting from this sketch,
which should be done sometime next week)

14 Aug 2011

Rest time

Life gets hectic sometimes, especially when you have a very lively house guest staying with you.

Mum's added a quick video of me chasing our house guest, she thinks he is like one of those wind-up toys.....wind him up and see him go!

please note, I gave him a head start

and when he finally settled down, mum did a quick sketch of him, which she also added to
Sketchbook Challenge

12 Aug 2011

Collecting Hamish

My little friend Hamish has come to stay for a few days, but first we had to go down and collect him.  As his mum, Lil, was working all day it meant that we needed to fetch him during working hours.  I had no problem with that, as it meant a nice drive and walkies somewhere different.

As per our usual routine, on this particular trip out, we stopped at Eggesford Forest 

                                and I got to start my adventure                                         

-now I wonder whose been along here before me-

-mum likes the views here and keeps her camera busy-

-I heard mum say this will be a painting one day-

but suddenly I hear a ringing sound (no, not the church bells) and I rush back to the humans

Lil is phoning to see
where we have got to

 and I like to speak to her too 

Fortunately we weren't too long on our journey and soon collected Hamish

He loves coming to stay and we enjoy having him
and I'm looking forward to lots of adventures and games with him

love william

9 Aug 2011

Space Lobber

Wow!!   I got a new toy today from my mate Canada
you remember him 
and I am so excited to show you what I got


I could hardly wait to unwrap it

As you see I am having great fun with it and best of all it SQUEAKS


4 Aug 2011

Grockles and a hot day

Yesterday was particularly hot here.....the village was heaving and full of grockles, parking their cars everywhere, plus keeping the car parks busy......I know, now you are thinking what's a grockle?   Well, here in Devon it's the name given for Tourists/Holidaymakers.  There are several theories as to how the word started, but what ever that happens to be, it has stuck.....and we get invaded by Grockles each season.   Our neighbouring county of Cornwall has the word Emmetts for the holidaymakers, apparently derived from the word meaning Ants, and the holidaymakers rush around like ants, hence the name.

Anyway, as it was so hot here and as you know by now, I tend to stay indoors during the heat and find a place to relax

and when everything has cooled off Mum and Dad take me down onto the beach

Well, that's the humans exercised for the day!
now back home for another rest 
and Mum takes the opportunity to sketch me

love william

1 Aug 2011

hill climb!

When I have had a good run on the beach, I then get the exercise of walking back up the hill.  Which apparently gets steeper, at least mum always stops for a rest.  Her excuse this time was to take a photo of me, but I know the real reason

love william