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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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23 Aug 2011

Dog's might fly

Have you ever seen a dog fly?   Well, at least my version of flying...

(I like the way Hamish has a surprised expression as I 'take off')

(little Hamish tries so hard to keep up!)

(sorry about the 'out of focus' frames - I moved too quickly for the photographer!)

Have a great day.........love william


  1. what a lovely pictures are this. You can see that you two have fune.

  2. Wonderful, William! You're very good!

  3. WONDERFUL photos! You look like you and Hamish are having such fun, William.


  4. Fly, William, fly! LOL Looks like you and Hamish are having a wonderful vacation together! Enjoy!

  5. Your 'lift' has given me one!! I've enjoyed seeing you have fun, and makes me want to take my pups for the same kind of adventure!!

    I hope you and your family are having a good day!!

  6. Look at you, William! So much air - have you ever done agility? You'd' be a natural :) xx