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26 Aug 2011

Busy week....

Yep, I've had quite a busy week what with one thing and another

I've had my little friend Hamish (back again) for a couple of days,       

he tends to follow me about...................

and I attempt to get away.....

but he did at least bring Lil with him

and had fun on the beach again
we have had some lovely walks - this one was at Arlington Court

where we stopped off at a bird hide to take a look at the wildlife...

and, of course, Hamish had to take a look too

although we kept away from these chaps!

and I found the best and largest stick in the world to whack Dad 
around the legs with!

and at the end of each day we finished off by going back to the
beach where Hamish loved catching his toy on a rope
(even if mum thinks he looks like he has a 'handle')

  when Hamish and Lil went off home
I got to relax.....

and dream

and recover until the next time they visit

- Have a great weekend everyone -


  1. I enjoyed your adventures once again, wonderful pictures! You were very busy, you deserve a relaxed weekend! Love, Judy.

  2. ha ha we sleep like that too, showing our underwear :-D
    You must train Hamish to take the end of the stick, so then you rush up behind the humans and whip their legs from under them ha ha
    Arent we naughty!

    E and R xx

  3. I think you two a lot of fun the last few days have had together. These are beautiful pictures to see. You have quite a large stick in your mouth, William.

  4. dear william,
    this is my first post to a dog but i have to say "I think I'm in love with you".

  5. Thank you Judy, Kath, Renske and Marilyn, for dropping by my blog and for taking the time to leave comments. Glad you enjoyed seeing the pictures, my week was busy wasn't it. Looking forward to more posts coming soon...love william.

  6. Looks like you and Hamish had another great day together! It's always nice to have friends over to play! Congratulations on finding the BIGGEST stick! I'm sure your dad appreciated it!

  7. Beautiful pics, William.
    Hamish with a handle is funny :lol:

    My favourite is your "and dream" picture, How happy and handsome you look :) xx

  8. Of course Dad appreciated the biggest stick Robin....he loves it when I whack him with it:/

    Yes, I am 'handsome' aren't I Pat, and I am not vain....(LOL)

  9. William, that is a fantastic stick - we really laughed at the picture of you and your poor Dad!!

    Gorgeous photos of your adventures with Hamish and Lil.


  10. .....I know Joanna, I LOVED that stick, but Dad wouldn't let me keep it, can't think why!