15 Aug 2011

Still more.....

Resting going on

(apparently mum has an idea for a watercolour painting from this sketch,
which should be done sometime next week)


  1. Nice sketch! Have a good rest!

  2. Aw, how cute! Can't wait to see Mum's painting!

  3. What a funny sketch William.

  4. That is a great sketch! I wish my mom could sketch like that. When she 'sketches', everyone looks like stick figures. haha

  5. Thanks Robin. I will tell mum to get on with the painting, I know she is itching to do it!

    Thanks Renske - yes, it is funny - Hamish often lays with his back legs looking like a frog!

    Hi Butters - glad you like the sketch. my mum says 'tell your mum stick figures are a good addition to sketches'.

  6. What a great painting!
    Please don't tell my Daphne and Sam that you have your own blog...they will want their own, too! ♥

    I'm your newest blog follower, William!
    Tell your mum "hi" for me. :)


  7. Hi Mary, So glad you have joined my blog. I definitely think that Daphne and Sam should have their own blog, you would be really good at publishing it on their behalf.....love william.


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