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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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29 Aug 2013

Been visiting....

....down to see Aunt Lil and young Hamish.   We had a great day and as you see I wouldn't give Lil any peace to sit on her sofa and have a chill out!

~ I love visiting ~

28 Aug 2013

The zooming in paparazzi again!

mum has been using the zoom again on her camera.  

to finding me and dad on the beach, way, way off in the distance...zoomed in

and then even more zoomed in

thanks for keeping an eye on us mum!

25 Aug 2013

Blue Flag Beach

To be a Blue Flag Beach, they have to provide toilets - and this is mine


and if it hadn't been for the photographer I would have used it!

19 Aug 2013

Still lovin' New Toy

I've had more fun than you can imagine with this New Toy (aka New Blue Toy), sometimes my circular friend gets called either of these versions, whatever I have fun with it.  Dad managed to get it for £4 in TK Maxx and although he thought it might only last a short while, it has proved to be worth every penny.   It isn't solid nor is it too soft.  Just right for me to catch in fact and it floats too, splendid.

Plus my little friend Hamish can pick it up too - here's a quick flashback to a previous video:

Called the Pooch Tube it can be bought  online through Amazon  and mum found a website showing it being used in therapy here.

 Thanks Dad
this is my bestest toy

17 Aug 2013

Valley of Rocks

...and I have been on a goat hunt.  Of course I took Dad along too, he needed me to protect him!

it didn't take me long to spot some...they're in the photo above...can you see them!  Don't worry I got mum to take pics of a group of them we came across

look - dad is pointing them out, just in case mum didn't spot them!

this encounter was at the Valley of Rocks, a place we visit sometimes - a valley surrounded by rocks - obviously you guessed that from the name

  no fencing to keep the goats contained, but each end of this valley there are cattle grids to stop them getting further away.

I think they were as amazed by me as I was by them!

till next time



12 Aug 2013

Wring out and towel off

oh boy, was I glad when the shower got turned off....

and then I could escape at last...

Hopefully this whole experience will not be repeated
for a long time!!!


11 Aug 2013

the continuing episode of the dreaded shower...

I nearly escaped...but got soaped again

Watch tomorrow's thrilling conclusion...teehee.

10 Aug 2013

Oh no not again!

mum decided it was bath time (well, shower time actually) ....
First they have to catch me....

Starts with the getting wet part...

and then the bubble part...

That's it for now, I refuse to show my total humiliation in one go.  You'll have to wait til tomorrow for the rest of this excrutiating event!

8 Aug 2013

Time to give Dad some exercise...

taken with the Olympus 36x optical Zoom

to give you some idea of the distance
this next photo is where mum was taking the photos 
and the arrow shows how far we were away!

7 Aug 2013

I like being dried off....

...when I arrive home soaking wet, yet again.   Dad always winds me up at the same time...

All part of the fun!


2 Aug 2013


 Mum has done a blog post on her own site todaylink 

I thought some of you might like to see it. .... (sorry to repeat this if you already have)