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6 Dec 2011

Suitcases always concern me.....

Before our recent visit to Bath, mum and dad got out the suitcase....this always concerns me, even if I do help them and keep a close eye on what is being packed

to the point that I have to take a VERY close look

....and when I was happy with it, we went on our travels!


  1. William, it's great to see you 'in action' helping with the packing and making sure everything was properly packed! Our pups get concerned about the suitcases too...How do you know it means we're going somewhere?

    I hope you and your family are doing well!! We are sending lots of holiday wishes from our corner in Virginia!!

  2. Haha very funny video! I thought they were going to pack you in the suitcase! I hope you enjoyed the trip!

  3. Hi Kim, it is just an 'instinctive thing' that makes us canines know a suitcase means trouble! But, we did have a lovely trip away....although it is always good to be home.

  4. Hi Judy, I do try to be packed, but the humans won't have it!

  5. I hope you popped a juict bone under their undies hee hee
    We're helping with the present wrapping today, nothing gets past us, especially the selection boxes :-D
    E and R xx

  6. No juicy bones Kath, but I did get some gravy bones courtesy of Pets at Home!...and I'm helping with the wrapping here, I managed to tear up some spare pieces of paper this very day...mum didn't look too pleased!!

  7. That’s right, William! Make sure the ‘stupid humans’ don’t forget anything! (‘Stupid human’ is what we dubbed ourselves when Sammy, our golden retriever, would give us that look when we didn’t understand what he wanted! Not casting aspersions on your particular humans! LOL)

  8. You've got it Robin!...I give my humans that look often, oh what I have to put up with! LOL.

  9. ah William, were you worried they'd forget you? I don't think that could ever happen, precious one xx