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1 Dec 2011

Bath time!

As you can imagine the minute Bath is mentioned I know exactly what is going to happen.....I GET WET!

So when Mum and Dad mentioned Bath recently I thought.....Oh No!...but as luck would have it I was COMPLETELY WRONG and we went to the place called Bath instead....hooray for me - No Getting Wet.

Again, Mum did the shopping whilst Dad and I chilled on a seat (quite literally this time...it was freezing cold!) and usually I see Mum approaching, but this time she sneaked up on us and caught me and Dad having a little chat

It turned out warmer as the morning went on and we got to do some sightseeing

and the outdoor Christmas market was on - most towns seem to have them now around this time of year

It was definitely my kind of Bath!



  1. That's the kind of bath Missy likes too!
    Looks like a great trip William - hope they found some treats for you in that market! xx

  2. When I read "Bath" I also thought: Oh no! But I'm glad it was the kind that did not make you wet, William! Lovely city, I've been there years ago.

  3. Pat - yes in fact I got to meet Father Christmas who said hello to me, but mum missed that - shopping again!

    Judy - it was a lovely visit, I even got to ride on a bus (from the park & ride)!

  4. Looks like you had a lovely time, William! (The pictures of you on Dad's lap never cease to make me laugh! Thanks for the morning giggle!)

  5. You are welcome Robin:) somehow I always seem to have people smile and laugh at me when I'm with Dad!

  6. The pictures of you with your dad always make me smile too because I can see the connection between the two of you!

    I've heard that Bath is one of the best shopping cities in Britain, and I'm sure this is especially true with the Christmas market! I'm envious!! :-)

  7. Hi Kim, yes, Bath is a lovely City and our visit was especially good because a lot of people stopped to talk to me (some even took photos - not including mum!).

  8. What kind of trickery is that...jumpin's...enough to make a doggy shed!
    Bath is a lovely place...oozing in history!