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7 Nov 2011

Canal walk and scary creatures

On a recent trip to Birmingham, we stopped at a National Park for a break.  Where I came across some very scary creatures

and this one really scared me!

infact when we walked along next to the canal I kept looking for them, just in case they sneaked up on me!

but I did get to enjoy the rest of my walk next to the canal

and just in case anyone has ever wondered what the end of a canal looks like -
mum took a photo of this one....

then on the way back I heard a very odd noise....

which turned out to be a miniature train with people at the front and people at the back
but nobody in the middle (perhaps they all got off at the previous station)!!

Look out for the train driver - he waves to me...

I was quite pleased when it disappeared into the distance though
- that was enough excitement for one day -


  1. Yes! Those creatures are very scary! And they bite too! Good thing they didn’t come after you!

  2. What an adventure! How sweet that the train driver waved at you :o)