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20 Jun 2016

My walk with dad at Berrington Hall


Onward with my walk with dad.  I bet you thought, after yesterday's blog post, that you were going to see ducks, but NO, instead we saw a crowd of cows (thankfully they were behind a fence).   They seemed very interested in me - did they think they would sneak up on me,  Ha!  I spotted them...and kept an eye on them...

and then this lot wanted to see me.  I felt a bit famous actually, perhaps they had herd of me (there's a joke there if you think about it)...

You can tell I'm not too worried about them, especially having that fence between us.

And I was fine with the walk back to meet mum at Berrington Hall,


that is

for the


 There was NO Fence between us

 and one particular ewe and lamb wanting to see me - Close up!


I pulled dad away and back to mum

Phew! that was close.

Perhaps the other sheep thought I was in this parked car...

They were wrong,
we were parked well away from those woolly monsters.

Google maps
Berrington Hall


  1. You've got a HUGE fan club there with the cows William!
    What a lovely place to visit, although I'm not sure about those sheeps, a bit overfriendly I finks!
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

    1. ......They seemed to like me but what an odd assortment they were ...♥william

  2. LOL. This is a funny one. Oh, William you silly boy. Love that pic...last one with the cows I think...where they are looking at one another. Have a great day mum, dad, and sweet William.

    1. .........Mum liked that photo too, she thought I was having a conversation with them...♥william

  3. Had 'herd' about you! LOL You're funny, William! ;)

    1. Thought you would like that one Robin ;) ...♥William

  4. Wow, all those cows interested in you, perhaps they read your blog and wanted to see you for real. Same as those sheep, they were keen to meet you too :)

  5. Oops! I think we missed this post! Wow! We loved seeing all the cows!

    1. They were very large beasties, but seemed to like me...♥william