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19 Jun 2016

My adventure at Berrington Hall

Mum has done a blog post already about Berrington Hall (see it here if you haven't already).

by the way, you can scroll this map thing-a-me-jig which will show you the google pictures...but meanwhile....

I thought it would be nice for you to see the trip from my view  - I took dad along for the walk around the grounds.

Actually, as there are a few photos from this walk, I will get mum (my Secretary, or so she calls herself) to do a couple of blog posts about it, otherwise you will be yawning your way through the pictures....

So here it is - PART ONE...

that's the Hall in the distance - mum was looking around there whilst dad and I were having our adventure

not sure what this animal is..

but these sheep knew how to keep cool, in the shade of this huge tree
- personally I think it is time for them to meet the sheep shearer,
but then who am I to talk -

Then we got to the Lake,
where we could have sat a while.

but we decided to walk on - mum would be waiting for us 

Dad wanted to get a good picture of the lake and the reflections...but I kept getting in the way
(look closely you will see me)

 Ha...each time dad clicked the camera, I crept into the picture...(I love doing that to him)

 finally he outwitted me (which is a difficult thing to do I can tell you)

I was having a nice rest and sitting so good...

but I got a little distracted - ducks!

~ You'll have to wait for the next blog post
for more of this adventure ~
(but don't fret, the ducks were safe).


  1. Crikey William. That lake sure is beautiful, aye? But it was beautiful with you in it too. What a great walk you had with Dad and what a beautiful place. Those ducks wouldn't have been safe if I were there.

    1. At least the ducks fly...I didn't feel so safe with some of the other beasties, but that's for another blog post...♥william

  2. Beautiful place for a walk!

    1. It was full of wonderful sniffs...♥william

  3. William, it is your duty to photobomb Dad's photos, well done :-)

    1. Thanks Eileen, Thought I had got quite good at it..♥william

  4. What a beautiful lake! And all the more beautiful with your photobomb! ;)

    1. Dad's a good photographer, but he needs me in the pictures (he might not think so, but I do)...♥william

  5. What a beautiful place! Looks like the kind of place a hobbit would live!