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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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20 Dec 2015

Late afternoon walk

Everyone seemed to have gone home except for me and dad....I'm not complaining, I really enjoyed

the beach to ourselves....

18 Dec 2015

A gift from mum for you this Festive / Holiday time

Mum has made a


for all those out there

who would like to waste a bit of time.

Best of all

mum has featured me and Hamish.


17 Dec 2015

Looking over the bridge

"hey mum...can you see me"!

15 Dec 2015


Look - mum has made a Calendar for 2016 - You can download these in pdf. for Free by clicking on the Links.  A different picture of ME for each month...YAY! 

See them in my Header Tab : Calendar for 2016 : Free PDF Downloads  (or click here)

Hope you will enjoy these during 2016
♥ William



14 Dec 2015

You know I love to investigate

....so the latest unusual object on the beach needed my attention

7 Dec 2015

When mum mentioned playing with the tennis ball

I was all ears and attention


 Got it!

2 Dec 2015

Playing up

Mum said "look at the camera".  Mum should know I wouldn't

24 Nov 2015

23 Nov 2015

Little Kennels or were they little houses

I found some great kennels last week, or were they?  Mum and dad didn't really explain, but I thought they were well cool...

They thought it was funny to give this one the title
'Dog in a Basket'

and to round it off
there was a third version...

~ I liked them all, but I think this last one with the
picket fence was best ~

21 Nov 2015

In the drink!

Ahh, down to the river for a nice fresh drink

carefully does it!

That was good

That water is running very fast!

Thanks Dad...time for walkies now!

19 Nov 2015

18 Nov 2015

17 Nov 2015

Stand by the large tree stump they said

I didn't realise Dad was going to play air guitar though!

13 Nov 2015

I heard a certain word mentioned again today....


Ummm,  that's what they think!

8 Nov 2015

Look at what my little friend Hamish has been up to...

He sat on a 


'You're very brave Crocodile Hamish'

4 Nov 2015

Cliff Walk

Wow...what a view dad

all those rocks and cliffs
but what's this way...

Oh...nothing, it just Ends!

Okay, perhaps we should make our way home..

 ~ Night All ~

2 Nov 2015

I met a Squid!

Yes, I really did...

there he was on the beach but still alive...

so Dad helped me get him back into the sea...


28 Oct 2015

Meeting some very different friends

My donkey friends,
who are always ready to step up to the fence
and say Hi to me...

Are we going to say Hello little brown donkey?

Yes, of course we are

And across the field there was a large
drawing of a donkey....
"So clever"  I heard mum say.

26 Oct 2015

I love car travel....

....but oh how I LOVE to ride on a bus.

We went into town on the Park & Ride recently 

and I made sure I sat in the middle of the aisle in everyone's way!

 Mum and dad were a bit put out though - although they can travel for free using their
Old People's Bus passes, they had to pay for ME  haha
 But then I rather liked having my very own TICKET.

(I did hear grumblings from dad that I would have to run
behind the bus next time....Na! he loves me too much to make me do that)

22 Oct 2015

Pebbles!! They expect me to walk on Pebbles!

Sorry, but this is so not what I expect from the beach.