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29 Jun 2014

Decisions decisions

                                                   "NO....I DON'T LIKE THIS ROCK"





22 Jun 2014

A generosity that way exceeded my expectations.....

.....when a complete stranger offered me her bacon roll......and I loved every bite of it.

18 Jun 2014

Morning hugs with dad

Sorry mum, but you are in charge of the camera!

14 Jun 2014

It's a dogs life

if you turn your sound up on the video, at 35 secs in you'll hear a voice say "it's a dogs life"...a chap was walking up the road with his little son and the dad shouted this out, lol.   Dad helped me wave to the son, which made the little boys day.

9 Jun 2014

Enjoying a few days with my friend Hamish...

and, of course, visiting the beach

enjoying the view....

this particular beach was very pebbley though...

and this beach very sandy....at the end of the day for our final walkies before bedtime

1 Jun 2014

A walk on the wild side

and sometimes I have to wait for mum and dad to catch up...