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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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31 Jan 2012

I'm Sitting Comfortably

when my Secretary decides to go out - it is all down to me.......

now all I need to do is get the humans to move the chair near to the computer


teach me to type!

(and when my Secretary gets back she is NOT having this chair.....so there!)

25 Jan 2012

Change of photographer....

Going on my last post I thought I would just get my Secretary

to add some photographs 

that Dad managed to successfully take of me - 

or so you would think.....

and then this one

pretty good so far

but only I know that the camera appears to be set on BLACK AND WHITE

instead of COLOUR!

and when it all gets resolved....

I look the other way

 ha ha  !

23 Jan 2012

Camera and the focus fiasco

The thing is mum has trouble with the camera - 

every time she thinks the perfect shot is lined up

I manage to move at the last second, or several seconds for that matter

and then she readjusts the camera settings and 

somehow I manage to stay still  (to mum's surprise) but

 it all ends up too close !

Still, I'm such a handsome lad she couldn't be cross with me....could she!

21 Jan 2012

A good time on the beach

Sometimes a lurcher just needs a jolly good walk on the beach.  Luckily where I live that is an accepted fact, and on occasion mum actually remembers to bring the camera along.  So please, friends, sit back and enjoy this little trip ....oh and when it comes to the videos please forgive the sound-track (IT'S VERY LOUD) so you may want to turn the volume down.....(you would think they could make the sea quieter wouldn't you!)

and this is me not wanting to go home!

I keep looking back at the sea but the humans don't seem to understand

I even sit down to protest

and dad gives me a little talk

and a persuasive 'tug'

Hope you enjoyed the trip
 as much as I did

17 Jan 2012

A sunny walk in Ilfracombe

 Ilfracombe Bandstand  in Runnymead Gardens

Summer concerts are held here


 I love it when I get the Bandstand to myself (well I do let Dad go up too, of course)

plus there is a very fresh stream running through the park
and I even have my own stone to stand on to get a good drink


A walk down to the Harbour was on the cards too - cold weather, but a lot of welcome sunshine

and I only pulled dad along when I spotted mum with the camera

that was a lovely walkies!

14 Jan 2012

Walkies by the pond

Recent walkies took me to a large Common

 I'm waiting to play ball....
but Dad put me on the lead before I got to these

where I spotted the odd one out!

and on this occasion - no ducks

I did enjoy the drink though

12 Jan 2012

New Forest visit

I have just returned from a visit down to Lyndhurst in the New Forest....staying in a lovely Hotel right on the forest itself , the Lyndhurst Park Hotel.

I do so like staying in Hotels, and I get to make new friends along the way.

My walks are full of new sights

and sniffs

with long walks

and vast amounts of space

I couldn't understand why the Cricket Pitch at Lyndhurst was fenced off though!

AND the fence had wheels - very strange...

but I have a feeling it was fenced off because of these.....

who had just stopped off at the water trough for a drink

The wording reads:

"A merciful man is merciful to his beast"
Erected and endowed by lovers of animals  1902

We had a great trip and caught up with friends for a pub lunch too....
yes, of course, I went in the pub!

2 Jan 2012

Visiting my friend Hamish

Today, I got to visit my little friend Hamish - you may recall he comes to stay at our house sometimes. But this time I went to his house

Sit - Stay

and just as mum was getting into the swing of taking photos she realised her camera was out of charge!

I thought it was SO funny....

lots of love....William