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12 Jan 2012

New Forest visit

I have just returned from a visit down to Lyndhurst in the New Forest....staying in a lovely Hotel right on the forest itself , the Lyndhurst Park Hotel.

I do so like staying in Hotels, and I get to make new friends along the way.

My walks are full of new sights

and sniffs

with long walks

and vast amounts of space

I couldn't understand why the Cricket Pitch at Lyndhurst was fenced off though!

AND the fence had wheels - very strange...

but I have a feeling it was fenced off because of these.....

who had just stopped off at the water trough for a drink

The wording reads:

"A merciful man is merciful to his beast"
Erected and endowed by lovers of animals  1902

We had a great trip and caught up with friends for a pub lunch too....
yes, of course, I went in the pub!


  1. Great walk, William! And lovely views!

  2. Thank you Judy - I did have a great time!

  3. Of course you went in the Pub! A merciful man is merciful to his beast after all! But the REAL QUESTION is: Did you have a pint?

  4. Well, put it this way Robin, I did sit there looking cute....but it didn't work and I had a bowl of water instead...hohum:(

  5. Great visit, William. Lots of new smells and strange things to look at.


    1. This was definitely a great trip Joanna, I did encounter a rather large cow one morning...I did bark at it, but only when I was a safe distance!