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11 Dec 2012

Walk by the river

My walks are not always by the sea.  Sometimes we go inland (at least a little).  This time we have taken a walk over to Lynmouth and followed the river...

I enjoy investigating who has walked along here before me...

and over bridges...

and up a few hills.....'hurry up mum'

hope I'm in focus!

oh well, never mind. Better luck next time mum.

Another adventure

That was a good walk



  1. Nice walk William. Hope you are having good weather too. Here it is lovely and sunny and not too cold. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. That looks like a beautiful walk.
    You look good all the time William :-)

  3. We are very lucky with the weather... At the moment anyways. Sunny. Yay.

  4. That's a beautiful walk, William. The people in that house are lucky. It looks like a great place to paddle and swim too. Might be too cold now though!

  5. I love sharing your walks in the woods, William! I miss walking the 'green belt' with our Sammy!

  6. Wow, beautiful scenery and lovely river :)

  7. Lovely place to walk, William!
    and I see a few paintings for mum in the offing :)

  8. I love this walk, William. xxx