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22 Nov 2012

Have a drink

'said dad' let me think about that one


  1. "Mmmmm no Dad... this stream is definitely for paddling in not drinking from!"

  2. Yikes we too have lots of towels at the ready this time of year. Have a terrific Thursday William.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Perfect for drinking from, William! I like puddles and drains much better than water from the tap in a bowl. Plus if you splash around in it, you get your fur all muddy and drive the humans insane bringing the stuff into the house. FUN! :D

  4. Nope! And it's definitely not the beach either, William! But exploring and finding things out sure is fun, isn't it? :) Have a beautiful Thursday and a wonderful weekend.

  5. It tastes better this way Dad! ;)


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