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24 Sep 2012

An Out of the Blue photograph...

Out of the blue, I have received a wonderful photo of me sitting with dad. Here it is:

It was taken last year when a visitor to the Art Gallery (where mum exhibits) saw us, took the photo and has sent us a copy of it.

How kind was that

and I really appreciate

the trouble they have gone to

in sending it to us


  1. What a nice gesture! Great picture too!

  2. Some peeps are so kind. What a lovely thing to do. Have a lovely Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. William,
    You and Dad are such good pals and soooo handsome! How lovely to receive the photo and thanks for sharing it. Have a happy first week of fall.

  4. Thanks Judy, Molly and Marilyn - this sort of kind gesture restores mum & dad's faith in human nature (:

  5. You are an awfully big boy for sitting in someone's lap :-)

  6. I can never see enough pictures of you on your dad's lap, William. What technique! You're even better at it than I am ;) X

  7. People are good (mostly) you just have to look really hard for it! LOL Cute pic!

  8. That is a wonderful photo and I think you should have it framed for your Mum and Dad!
    Very kind of the person to send it to you too.

  9. Hi Taryn, Georgia, Robin and Eileen - mum and dad love this photo....of course it is yours truly that MAKES IT.

  10. Oh, that is sooo lovely William!! How nice was THAT?! Wows. How kind.



    1. ...mum has pinned it up near her art desk so she can enjoy seeing ME, even when I am out of the room...lol.