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3 Jul 2012

Hotel chess

Whilst staying at the Hatherley Manor Hotel...

What is this?

I didn't knock them over dad, honest

but the Connect game made
me fall over!

and I had a very good use for the
over sized Jenga, but for some
reason dad said "NO William"....
I was only going to Sniff it!


  1. ooh, you fibber, you wanted to cock your leg hee hee

    E and R xx

    1. ...you're both on my wave length E & R...

  2. William bet you play a mean game of chess! Have a happy Tuesday!
    Best wishes Molly

  3. That looks like a really cool place! Love the big games!

  4. Funny! Looks like a fun place indeed!

  5. Wow William! I've never been lucky enough to stay in a hotel with so many toys. But how come you weren't allowed to play with them? Maybe your humans were scared you'd put the domino theory to the test. You think?

    Hope your footy is better X

  6. Thanks everyone, it's so good to hear from you. Yes, this was a fun place and with really nice people too, guests and staff alike.

  7. I know what you were thinking! Snort!