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14 Feb 2012

On the beach at Bude

Here are some more photos from our day out in Bude.   After our walk on the cliff tops...and lunch, of course, we went on into the town itself and parked along by the river

mum couldn't keep me and dad out of the photo!

and then we went onto the beach

for a run and game of ball

and then I do a little trick with dad!

this happens right at the beginning of the video clip
so try not to miss it....

cool trick, yes!


  1. Great trick! :) Beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh, William you have quite the sense of humor!
    Happy St. Valentine's Day to you and yours,
    The Cats of Lakeview Point and me

  3. William, your talent is endless! LOL

  4. Hi Judy, Marilyn and Robin .....I was one cool dude in Bude!

  5. Fab photos and brilliant trick!
    So tell me William - are there any out-takes from when you were learning this masterpiece? :) xx

    1. Fortunately for dad, no out-takes Pat, although once or twice he did get a bit jittery!