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28 Feb 2012

Morning exercise

On Sunday, I got Dad out early and we took a lovely walk across the dunes to the beach

down one path

and up another

even if I did have to come back to find Dad who was being slow...

ahh...finally I can see the beach

and on down 

and into the sea
ready for my game of catch

and every so often a jolly good shake...

No, Dad's feet didn't get wet, he was wearing wellies just in case this should happen

but that would not have been a problem

if he had forgotten them

we found some he could have used!

well, I thought they were interesting

and worth a sniff !

I enjoyed my morning walk and game of catch

perhaps I can persuade Dad to do this again.....




  1. I enjoyed your walk! Nice pics! Isn't the water cold? Brrrrr...

    1. Glad you enjoyed the walk Judy....and yes the water is very cold, but I'm a tough kind of dog and can cope!

  2. Gorgeous place for a walk, William!

  3. How lucky you are, William! You have a gorgeous beach all to yourself! My idea of heaven! But just what exactly is it you are doing in the video? Or are you just posing for Dad? LOL

    1. You guessed right Robin....I always pose for the camera, I am a lad after all!

  4. Gorgeous photos, what a beautiful beach. William, you are a superstar!

  5. The best beach walk I've seen in along time. All that expanse to yourself and a ball to chase and water to swim in. The boots are very cool,now.