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15 Oct 2011

I had a wonderful Birthday....

and thank you to everyone who sent me Birthday Wishes....I appreciate your good wishes and can say I had a

Great Day

Mum and Dad took me away for a couple of days over my Birthday.  We stayed in a lovely Hotel in Faringdon near Oxford  (here's a view from the grounds)

the village itself is really interesting with a lot of old buildings

and mum did a quick sketch of the old town hall, a late 17th Century building built on stone pillars

 but I did get  some wonderful walks on the outskirts of the town including around the Folly on the hill

Oh...but I didn't want to leave mum on the seat by herself....she said something about wanting to sketch

Just one last look back before I walked around the Folly with Dad

and mum's sketch she did whilst Dad and I had our walk

plus one of the view where she was sitting

and as usual I found the worlds best stick

All in all I had a brilliant Birthday



  1. Looks like a lovely place! Hope your Mum and Dad had a lovely little holiday! Mum made beautiful sketches!

  2. Yes Judy, Mum and Dad had a lovely mid-week break too.

  3. So glad you had a nice holiday and birthday!

  4. Lovely lovely sketches of your few days away with your Mum and Dad. That really is the bestest stick!


  5. So glad you had a fab birthday - your joy carried over into mum's sketches, they are nearly as lovely as you xx

  6. Feliz aniversario William! I had a beautiful Burgau beach stick that I wrapped in newspaper and took to the post office to send to you but the stupid mail person couldn't understand me so I couldn't send it. Sorry. Tell your person that her sketches are great and make me want to visit there.


  7. Thanks Robin, Joanna and Pat -

    and thanks Ruca - never mind about the stick, it's the thought that counts.