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8 Oct 2011

Fingle Glen

I had a great day out recently ...mum and dad took me to Fingle Bridge.  It's near Drewsteington part of

Dartmoor National Park

the river runs through this picturesque valley - here I am getting a drink from the river

and this is where mum and dad got a drink....

we also took a walk along the river

this is looking down on it from the footpath -
which then works its way down to the river

there was a fisherman Standing In the River (that looked such fun)!

"I wonder if he caught anything?" - he didn't ask for my help....

and further along the river made a lot of noise as it spilled over the rocks

- where another hound came along to see me, but soon ran off
(look out for that towards the end of the video)

although I was more concerned about mum....

but before long we had to wind our way back

and head for home -
I had a brilliant day out though



  1. This is a really nice area to walk around William. I think immediately that you have a wonderful day had. Your mum made also great pictures. Have a nice weekend.

  2. Thanks Renske and Robin - yes, it was a great day and I hope we go there again!

  3. What a lovely area, great pictures! (Lots of painting inspiration for your mum!)

  4. OOh we love our river, your day out looks great fun. Did they buy you crisps at the Inn? I wonder if that fisherman had any food in his pockets?
    E and R xx

  5. Yes Judy....mum will be busy with her paints now!

    Good to hear from you E & R...but No, the humans were mean to me and didn't buy me any crisps.

  6. it's me.
    i don't even know if you'll see this comment. i'm going back through all your archives here.
    and this one with the video and the sound of the river... and the sheer beauty of it all...
    and william with his dad and you... just made my day.
    i'm so enjoying your blogs. they are full of such simplicity and beauty and humor.
    all the things i treasure in life. thank you for letting us share your world with you three!

    1. Thanks so much Tammy. It's so nice to know that you have looked back through this blog and also enjoy the other blogs too, I really appreciate your comment.......ann.