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26 Jul 2017

We found the Rock of Gibraltar

Yes, honestly we did and it was on one of our walks last week.

Walking on Woodbury Common near Exmouth 

and there it was


look carefully you may spy it in this next picture

As we got closer, it all became clear

The Marines do their training up here and there were groups of them running across the heathland

(mum didn't photo them as they were training)

but I did find a NEW RECRUIT FOR THEM

What better way for Hamish to be able to say,

He has sat on the Rock of Gibraltar!

I think Hamish was quite impressed, just wish I could have sat there too.
(or should we have left Hamish sitting there?)

It's okay, Dad lifted Hamish down.

See the plaque on the Rock
this is it close up...

A bit difficult to read....
but here's a Link about it
(just click the link below)

Woodbury Common is a great place for walking,
when we visit Exmouth, we always have lovely walks there.


  1. Wouldn't Dad lift you up on to it William? Who knew there was a Gibraltar rock in England, I'll have to have a read up about that.

    1. Surprises around every corner down here in Devon .......🐾William

  2. Arlene TaborJuly 26, 2017

    Just amazing! Love seeing this and ALL your posts!! You are such a part of ALL of our lives and we love seeing your world and all 4 of you. So much fun!!

    1. Oh that is very nice of you Arlene, thanks so much.....🐾William

  3. What a cool thing to see!

  4. WOW! a real piece of the famous rock.
    beautiful William. you were so nice to give your little cousin/brother a chance to sit there. he's a famous Hamish now! xoxo♥ and you're a real gentleman.

    1. Aww Thanks Tammy, I'm really fond of my little pal......🐾William

  5. Didn't Dad lift you up too? :-/