22 Sep 2017

I dislike the Invisible bike nearly as much as the Actual bike!

....and I make sure I let mum and dad know how I feel about it....

They didn't even Have the bike with us on this walk,

but they PRETENDED to have it.

How does a lad cope with that,

Like this.....

I think they got the message.

20 Sep 2017

Got a photo of Hamish the other day

Doesn't he look cute with his little red bow

11 Sep 2017

As you see, I am doing fine

My 'hot spot' is clearing up just perfect

9 Sep 2017

Mum wasn't going to say....

....but I persuaded her to do this post for me. But first I have to warn you to LOOK AWAY IF YOU ARE OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION.....


Let me tell you first that I had a flea issue ( as so many of us doggies get at times ) and mum and dad dealt with it for me.  The thing they didn't realise, and I hid under my big coat, was that I had been biting the area. Mum and dad spotted it only when it was Red at which point they took me straight over to the doggie Doctor. I am now on tablets, cream and a special wash to help clear it up.

Mum says it is showing signs of improvement and I do feel comfy.

So here's the photo mum took the first day when I was having my first tablet. Dad hid said tablet in cheese, he thinks I didn't know.....

5 Sep 2017

Digging can get very tiring...

....I know,  I kept stopping for a rest, but it's my dig, my rules.

4 Sep 2017

Wear the sunhat mum said...

(apparently she meant Dad, but HA!  I GOT IT - Sorry dad)

1 Sep 2017

So who says I don't retrieve the football, or a tennis ball for that matter!

Proof that I give Dad every opportunity to join in with my game...

and does he do anything - NO.

Did you see how I tried to get him to go back down to the sea with me.....

Ummm, that doesn't always work, never mind, I'll get him to do it next time.

🐾 🐾  🐾 🐾

26 Aug 2017

It was lovely having house guests recently...

 Hamish (Auntie's doggie) - Mr. Smith (Auntie looking after for friends)
and ME 

Mr. Smith particularly enjoyed the beach
and digging holes
of which I made sure he got the digging technique right

I didn't tell him I found a handy tool which makes all that digging so much easier!

Teehee - my secret.

24 Aug 2017

19 Aug 2017


Auntie arrived with Hamish and another little spaniel, who incidentally has been here before, and Auntie is looking after him for a week or so whilst his family enjoy a holiday.

So what do you do with visitors?







although, I have to say that the little house guest
took on an eerie look,
perhaps we could find a horror movie for him to watch!

17 Aug 2017

Okay, all is forgiven

Mum has redeemed herself by adding this photo which shows clearly that I DO NOT HAVE A PLANT SPROUTING OUT OF MY HEAD.  ALTHOUGH, I wouldn't look at her, can you blame me!

16 Aug 2017

I had a lovely walk with dad at Crow point...

Then we stopped for a rest, but mum said it looked as though I had a plant sprouting out of my

head.   Humph....as if, just her bad photography.

and why does it look as though I'm smoking a red pipe, or is it a red whistle.

For goodness sakes mum, you need to have picture taking lessons!

11 Aug 2017

Look what I found the other day...

.....these were left by some little visitors to the seaside.  Hopefully they came back for them, but they got me dreaming of how I would love to sit in a REAL one.

They say be careful what you wish for,
because lo and behold Dad found me a

Trouble is, it was locked and no keys!


8 Aug 2017

Finally, I get onto the beach...

...and they expect me to fetch the tennis ball MYSELF!

4 Aug 2017

Look what I found on the beach the other day

The 'Bucket and Spade Brigade' left it behind.

Now, you know I'm a lad who likes to dig,
and I think this will be perfect for the job.

Trouble is, I can't seem to make it work...

Dad said we would leave it there,
sitting sadly in the sand all by itself,
because eventually a little person will come along
and be delighted to find it.

30 Jul 2017

Rain Rain and more Rain

The trouble with rain, means me and Hamish can't possibly get out of the car!  We are delicate creatures after all!  

29 Jul 2017

Hey, look who I met today

My friend April.

26 Jul 2017

We found the Rock of Gibraltar

Yes, honestly we did and it was on one of our walks last week.

Walking on Woodbury Common near Exmouth 

and there it was


look carefully you may spy it in this next picture

As we got closer, it all became clear

The Marines do their training up here and there were groups of them running across the heathland

(mum didn't photo them as they were training)

but I did find a NEW RECRUIT FOR THEM

What better way for Hamish to be able to say,

He has sat on the Rock of Gibraltar!

I think Hamish was quite impressed, just wish I could have sat there too.
(or should we have left Hamish sitting there?)

It's okay, Dad lifted Hamish down.

See the plaque on the Rock
this is it close up...

A bit difficult to read....
but here's a Link about it
(just click the link below)

Woodbury Common is a great place for walking,
when we visit Exmouth, we always have lovely walks there.

24 Jul 2017

I heard a squeaking...

....and then I saw where it was coming from.

A PIGGY was running over to see me and little Hamish

...and then it got bored and wandered off!  humphhhh...thought at least it would chat a while.

21 Jul 2017

The wooded glade adventurers

....I KNEW Dad would have a go, he always does.

15 Jul 2017

Look who I met on my travels yesterday

Yes, a Royal couple

Okay, so they are made of straw, but it was good fun seeing them. (A village holding its Scarecrow festival).

12 Jul 2017

It was a trifle wet yesterday

....as you see, me and Dad were quite WET.....Also mum, who did the photo
and the videos

We were actually trying to shelter under a tree.......that worked out well, I don't think -
and NO, this does not count as a bath!

I SO wanted the beach

~ Hoping for the Sunshine ~

26 Jun 2017

Enjoyed a morning dip first thing....

.....sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the tennis ball though,
and I did think Dad could have at least fetched it for me at one point.

23 Jun 2017


~ Have a good weekend all ~

20 Jun 2017

Had a great weekend, and guess who came to visit...

Yes, he couldn't wait to get to the sea

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