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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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22 Dec 2017

My Secretary {aka mum} has decided to have a rest over Christmas .....

.....personally I think it's a bit cheeky when I rely on her to help me with my blogposts.

So for now I would like to say:




~ Back in the New Year ~


21 Dec 2017

This is the best place in the house

I can keep an eye on things from here.  (Actually I’m just having a snooze, but don’t tell will you).

14 Dec 2017

I tried to tell Dad I didn't want him to Go Away.....

At least when he came home,

he had brought me some presents.

12 Dec 2017

Teddy cuddle time

"So now my reputation as a tough guy has totally flown out the window,
Thanks mum"!

24 Nov 2017

I've been a bit off colour

....mum and dad cooked me

chicken and rice for my dinners

and I am glad to say I am feeling a lot better

(although from the pic you will see that I could do with a good brush...
just got in from a nice run on the beach)

7 Nov 2017

Look at this....

Hamish with his cuddly toy racoon

~ silly doggie ~

31 Oct 2017

23 Oct 2017

Posing on a slope can bring challenges...

....like falling over 

Have to admit, that felt good.

19 Oct 2017

I completely forgave mum and dad about my Birthday fiasco.....

.....Although I had considered moving out
and found somewhere that looked perfect

~ what do you think?  ~

16 Oct 2017

They felt so guilty, they bought me Egg Custard tarts

Trouble is, they are mum's favourites too,
so we shared them -
fair enough
 as they thought all 4 egg custard tarts would be too much
for my tummy tum tum

There - then gone

Yum, down the hatch

Mum and Dad are officially forgiven for


14 Oct 2017

Well, there you have it, proof I am not loved

It was my Birthday yesterday
and I am now

10 years old

and did mum and dad remember?


(I need a new home)

9 Oct 2017

Look at me sitting on a large Sugar Cube

No, not really

it's a lump of

Portland stone

(with apparently fossil things in it)

6 Oct 2017

A lesson

Having come across an angry cow and an angry deer, Dad felt I better learn some stuff.  At least he found a notice that explained about the deer, and as you see I was attentive....

Although I have to admit, Dad had more success talking to the deer than I did 

There were other dangers to watch out for

magic mushrooms!

Very dangerous!  - Don't worry, I kept Well Away from these.

4 Oct 2017

Deer oh Deer

Apparently mummy animals can be very protective over their little ones...


3 Oct 2017

I thought it was safe to stand near Cows

Until this mummy cow decided to see me off.
Don't worry I MOOOved quickly out of her way!

(video - followed by slo-mo of it...or in this case slo-mooo version) 

1 Oct 2017

Wow! Think we should have one

I got Mum to add this post for my followers who would have missed this on facebook yesterday. 

We were out and about, as usual, and what drove past us. Yes, this motorbike and sidecar. But what made it, was the dog sat up enjoying the ride, PLUS it was wearing goggles!   I'm obviously missing out.

28 Sep 2017

Games on the beach .... yay

Even if I have to wait

Worth waiting for. 

22 Sep 2017

I dislike the Invisible bike nearly as much as the Actual bike!

....and I make sure I let mum and dad know how I feel about it....

They didn't even Have the bike with us on this walk,

but they PRETENDED to have it.

How does a lad cope with that,

Like this.....

I think they got the message.

20 Sep 2017

Got a photo of Hamish the other day

Doesn't he look cute with his little red bow

11 Sep 2017

As you see, I am doing fine

My 'hot spot' is clearing up just perfect

9 Sep 2017

Mum wasn't going to say....

....but I persuaded her to do this post for me. But first I have to warn you to LOOK AWAY IF YOU ARE OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITION.....


Let me tell you first that I had a flea issue ( as so many of us doggies get at times ) and mum and dad dealt with it for me.  The thing they didn't realise, and I hid under my big coat, was that I had been biting the area. Mum and dad spotted it only when it was Red at which point they took me straight over to the doggie Doctor. I am now on tablets, cream and a special wash to help clear it up.

Mum says it is showing signs of improvement and I do feel comfy.

So here's the photo mum took the first day when I was having my first tablet. Dad hid said tablet in cheese, he thinks I didn't know.....

5 Sep 2017

Digging can get very tiring...

....I know,  I kept stopping for a rest, but it's my dig, my rules.

4 Sep 2017

Wear the sunhat mum said...

(apparently she meant Dad, but HA!  I GOT IT - Sorry dad)