21 Jul 2017

The wooded glade adventurers

....I KNEW Dad would have a go, he always does.

15 Jul 2017

Look who I met on my travels yesterday

Yes, a Royal couple

Okay, so they are made of straw, but it was good fun seeing them. (A village holding its Scarecrow festival).

12 Jul 2017

It was a trifle wet yesterday

....as you see, me and Dad were quite WET.....Also mum, who did the photo
and the videos

We were actually trying to shelter under a tree.......that worked out well, I don't think -
and NO, this does not count as a bath!

I SO wanted the beach

~ Hoping for the Sunshine ~

26 Jun 2017

Enjoyed a morning dip first thing....

.....sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with the tennis ball though,
and I did think Dad could have at least fetched it for me at one point.

23 Jun 2017


~ Have a good weekend all ~

20 Jun 2017

Had a great weekend, and guess who came to visit...

Yes, he couldn't wait to get to the sea

18 Jun 2017

I was having such a lovely snooze in the grounds of a stately house recently...

.....but the birds around there were SO NOISY.   (turn your sound up and you'll see what I'm on about).

14 Jun 2017

Mum got a bicycle for her birthday....

(have to point out that she got this EARLY...her birthday isn't til the end  of July)...but hey, who am I to comment.

Anyway, I have made my feelings known about this new bicycle of hers.  Not only do I complain about mum riding HER bicycle, I have now discovered that dad likes the bicycle too....

12 Jun 2017

9 Jun 2017

6 Jun 2017

I said Hello

...but got ignored.  Well, at least I tried.


30 May 2017

It was very misty out to sea yesterday.....

....but that didn't stop us having fun

25 May 2017

Hamish gets very possessive about his sand hole digging...

He may look cute and orange
but he can be a little



18 May 2017

Had another lovely walk with mum and dad yesterday...

.....we were able to see along the length of the beach for one thing....
the day before had been like this along our coast

honestly, can you imagine not being able to see this...

and I did get into the sea

and a spot of digging with dad

Mum thought she was going to help me with this bit of digging,
but NO WAY, 

Oh Yes, it was a fun outing

16 May 2017

Oh no, not another rope swing

Every time dad finds a rope swing,
he has to have a go on it
but he

(notice how he sneaks a go on the rope whilst I'm in mid-pee)

13 May 2017

River walk to Heddons Mouth

I really enjoy this walk, and it turns out that Hamish loves it too -
in fact dad had trouble keeping him out of the river

Can you see me peeping?

12 May 2017

So why should I stay on the path....

....when I can try to drag down the side of the cliff

Ahhh, back on terra firma.

That was a good walk.

11 May 2017

I felt a bit like a Pioneer standing with this statue

Dad thought it was hilarious,
he reckoned I looked like I belonged with them

.....Humphhh, not sure how to take that.

(mum thought you would like to know that this is in Portsmouth -
dedicated to the emigrants who went to America
- there is also a little boy on the other side, but difficult to see from the pic)

9 May 2017

I've been fishing

.... at least I THINK this was a fish

Ummm, still not sure about it!

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