Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sand on my chinny chin chin

that was after I had gone to the big area of beach to ....

then dad took me round to Barricane beach to find mum,   (she had been busy painting - yes painting! on the beach!  very strange, but if you missed her blog about it you can catch up with
 this link here by clicking the picture below )

I enjoyed finding mum though and we spent a nice time watching people and resting on the you see, I collected some for later (mum always loves it when that happens)...

 then they mentioned leaving the beach


 I was determined to stay,
but then Dinner was mentioned.

(the sand wasn't so fine on this bit of beach as it is on the main one,
but I didn't mind, it was the beach and I love it).


  1. I noticed the sand on your chin when I visited your Mum's blog earlier but was far too polite to mention it ;) I was there to comment on your Mum's wonderful artwork (I'm glad you manage to sneak into her blog sometimes) what did you say, oh yes,
    beach, dinner, beach, dinner.... oh what a dilemma :)

    1. I thought that was clever of me, sneaking into mum's blog..ha, I'm going to try that again (don't tell her though will you).

  2. You're quite the beach bum William! Lucky you!

  3. omg william! your mum is so talented. it was fun watching the 'progress.'
    and the final painting even with the people in it... just lovely. gave it life.
    so many landscapes are lifeless to me. but not your mum's!
    YOU and the beach sand up your nose... LOLOL! love it!♥

    1. Mum says it is really nice to hear about her art from you, glad you like it.
      As for me and the sand...Ummm, personally I was unaware I was hauling that much around with me, until I saw the pics! ~William~


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