Tuesday, 27 September 2016

I could do this and be a model

Although on second thoughts, not if I'm on 'reduced' goods!



  1. Salmon and potato, sounds very tasty to me William…got any free samples????
    Loves and licky kisses
    Princess Leah xxx

  2. OMYGOODNESS william!
    that face looks JUST like my zeke!!!
    you BOTH could have been models.
    i just loved seeing this. ♥♥♥

  3. YES, you could do this and be the model! But I think ifyou were the model William, there wouldn't be a need to mark it down!

  4. You're MUCH cuter, William! :D

  5. ..salmon and potatoe.... yum!

  6. Eileen, mum had a hiccup and accidentally sent your comment into spam! What can I say, she shouldn't be left in charge here. Could you add comment again please.

  7. Thanks for your comments everyone. ~william~

  8. What's your secretary like eh William, you can't get the staff these days :) Only joking, I have been known to do that too LOL
    My friend took her Welsh Terrier to the photoshoot for Vet's Kitchen, It was founded by Joe Inglis the vet who did many TV appearances and this is his dog food range. Sadly George the Welshie wasn't chosen but my friend was rather weak at the knees having her photo taken with Joe, I can't think why :)
    You certainly missed out there William, being such an experienced photographic model for your Mum. That doggie certainly looks like you! Congratulate Mum on her bargain find too, I'm sure it'll be super yummy :)

    1. You got it in one Eileen, I can't get the staff these days :) Sounds like your friend enjoyed the photoshoot even if her doggie wasn't chosen, good for her to have had the experience. ~william~


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