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4 Mar 2016

Mum was looking through some old photos

...and came across this one.  We were on a grand walk next to a river when I spotted a fisherman STANDING IN THE RIVER!!!  - Yes, and there I was thinking 'twas only myself who dipped my paws.   Still, it was paws up to this intrepid fisherman, who seemed to be knee high - wonder if he caught anything?


  1. What a lovely shot of the fisherman framed by the tree branches & William looking on.

    1. I had to keep an eye on that fisherman, he might have caught my dinner for me!....♥william

  2. Did you think something fishy was going on?
    'twas too deep for you to dip your paws anyway William :-)

  3. Hope he did since he got in da water for it!

  4. That's a beautiful spot in the woods! Hope he caught some fish and then gave you one!

  5. I see you were keeping your tail in neutral ...
    glad the fisherman was friend rather than foe!
    pretty deep even for trout fishing I would think!

  6. Humans do such silly things, don't they William? ;)

  7. Extraordinary photo, very pleasing.


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