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24 Jan 2016

What are these things?

There we were shopping
and we came across some


made from

wellington boots

I remained very calm my friends, very calm

~ Redruth in Cornwall ~
(mum has added a link here and here for those who are interested)


  1. William, you are such a class act. Always debonaire, calm, cool and collected. Always a gentleman. Which is why you get to go to so many interesting places and your mum's wonderful sketches of you, let us go too. Thank you Ann!
    Sherry from Windham, Maine, USA

  2. Those are almost scary but very creative. William you are still the cutest. Hugs.

  3. Those are absolutely brilliant...but I can see you're not too sure William :-)

  4. Sorry, I meant to add my name - Joyce Rogers, Blairsville, GA, USA

    1. Welcome Joyce, good to see you here....♥william (and his mum) ;)

  5. Those are some very cool statues, William! And you look so handsome posing with them like that! :)

  6. What an unusual 'sculptures', a little creepy... :)

  7. Hey there William - we r the Beaglebratz, Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta. You did good around thoze thingz BUTT just don't take your eye off of them - just never know what thoze thingz mite do.
    Lord Shiloh'n Lady Shasta of Beaglebratz Manor

  8. Oh how clever! Our Dad has been tracing his ancestry back to miners in Cornwall. We'll send him the links. Thanks William!

  9. I guess I would call it creative -- William, did they seem a little strange to you?

  10. amazing!
    how i love artists. what unique work with an unusual source of material!
    i can't tell if you're impressed or not william. was it a little scary?
    perhaps you're just showing your noble profile to show the seriousness of the art!

  11. Blend, William, blend! They won't notice you! ;)

  12. THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE - LOVE your Comments....♥william