9 Sep 2012

The crawl

My little pal Hamish has been here on another visit.  His mum tried teaching me a new trick

 -  The Crawl - 

but I think Hamish is much better at training than I am...


  1. Hamish maybe better but we think yours is a breed apart. Well done William! Have a lovely sun filled Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I think you've got it just right, William - doing only what you have to to get the treat! I think you're actually training Hamish's mum......?!

  3. I loved those two videos. You're very quick to learn, well done William :-)

  4. In all fairness William, Hamish's leggies are ALOT shorter than yours ~ therefore 'the crawl' is alot easier for him. Just keep that in mind! I think you did a FAB job!



  5. Poor William! You just don’t know what she wants, so you try all your tricks to get the treat! (By the way, you have a lovely view out your windows!)

  6. Thank you Everyone - glad you enjoyed seeing the Training.


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