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31 Jul 2012

Beach Run with Ed

I've met my friend Ed again on my walk....

and we got to have a run around -

plus this time it got even better

we went down on the beach for a run around

then I showed Ed how to dig holes -

he queued up to take his go...

Ed loved this game

we had a wonderful time

Hopefully we will get to do this again



  1. OOh, I think we should "double date" hee hee

    E and R xx

  2. William hope you and Ed get to go to the beach together again soon.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. AnonymousJuly 31, 2012

    What a beautiful beach William! Sometimes we take stevie to a beach like that but its a bit of a drive away! I'm glad your teaching Ed how to make the most of it! xxx

    1. ....would that be Bournemouth beach Lulu?

  4. That look like great fun, and your Moms better than mine at the video camera :)
    Have a good week
    See yea George xxx

  5. ...Thanks Molly,

    Thanks George....as for my mum's videoing skills, you should hear the muttering sometimes!!

  6. Digging holes is great fun and even better with a friend. Did you find any dead fish or squid to eat? That's my favourite part of going to the beach! X

  7. You and Ed could be cousins! Good job teaching him how to dig holes! I bet his Humans were VERY pleased!

  8. Hi Georgia - no dead fish on this occasion!

    Hi Robin - Ed's humans thought it was a very good lesson (:

  9. Oh, William you are making me have a case of lurcher envy---I want one or two so badly!
    marilyn and the Cats of Lakeview Point (who don't share my sentiments!)

    1. Hi Marilyn, Lurchers do make wonderful pets...but then so do cats (:

  10. You look like you had so much fun - doesn't Ed move quickly! Monty Dog. xxx

  11. I had a fantastic time with you on the beach William, I had a lovely game in the water there with my humans last night. It is a pity you were not about we could have had fun.
    It was a lovely bear hug we gave each other in the gardens the other day. Mum wishes she had her camera. She has bought a camcorder today so I will have to get up to more antics!!
    Don't forget the Lurcher / Pony show at Brendon on Sunday. We are going (weather permitting)
    See you soon Ed:>)

    1. My mum wished she had taken her camera too!....We were heading in the other direction yesterday when you were driving with your mum and dad to the beach, we'll catch up next time I hope. I've reminded mum and dad about the Brendon show...thanks for reminding me.