10 Jun 2012

Shut Out....

Dad was in the bedroom and he shut me and my little pal out....so we waited for him very close to the door..

(mum still can't focus the camera ...  heehee)


  1. Oh William that is so cute. Have a happy Sunday!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. you have to start making "I'm going to be sick" noises, they soon open the door a bit sharpish hee hee

    E and R xx

  3. How COULD he shut you out??!!

  4. Think of the bright side William, even if dad was peckish, he couldn't get to your treats! :) xx

  5. I agree with Joanna, how could he shut you out? LOL

  6. Dear William, I get shut out sumtimes too, how rood is that? I always glare at whoever opins the door. It makes them nervus. U shud try it,

    Your friend, Georgia X

  7. Hello William. My name is Monty and I am an Italian Spinone. I have a caravan in Westward Ho! and maybe have played with you on the beach sometimes. My Mumu and Daddy are moving us there permanently this year so hopefully we can get to play and bite each other. Monty Dog.

    1. Hello Monty...look forward to having a run with you on the beach sometime. The beach at Woolacombe is brilliant too.

  8. Daddio...come on let them in...all they want to do is snuggle and lick!!


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