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17 Jun 2012

Lunch break

We stopped off for a walk by the river at Fingle Glen the other day

and who should surprise me but Lil and Hamish - all arranged without my knowledge!! - and we stopped for lunch with them here

that was such a lovely surprise

hopefully we will do that again soon....but I do think the humans should tell me first!


  1. Hi William but that wouldn't be a surprise then chum! Looks like you had a good day anyway.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Looks like you had fun, in a very beautiful place!

  3. I have had worse surprises my friend, like Little2Legs creeping up behind me with the water hosepipe - yes, you looked to have had a very good day my friend - wish I was there! Take care, Barnie x

  4. What a sweet spot William (though it looks a bit cold). I like surprises myself, but only if they involved food. Have a great week! x

  5. That is absolutely the quaintest restaurant I have ever seen! Right out of a postcard! (Another reason to wish for teleportation!) Lil and Hamish look very pretty! (sorry Hamish!)

    1. that's okay Robin, Hamish is used to it...lol.