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9 Jun 2011


After my exercise I really do like to find a comfy place to rest

The only thing is I have to keep an eye out for when the humans think I am resting in my bed

now don't get me wrong I have a very nice bed

It's just a case of waiting for the right opportunity

and I sneak onto the settee - first this one

and then this one

or even

a sun lounger cushion found lying about in the new summerhouse!
(although you would think they could do something to stop the cushion falling around my head)......

love William



  1. hee hee, we do that too! E and R xx

  2. Ellie & Roobarb, do you know somehow I could tell....:) love william.

  3. I don't blame you for finding a soft spot, William! I have a soft spot in my heart for you!

  4. What about a bed William? That is also warm en soft. ;-)

  5. Ha ha ha ha, dear William, that last photo made me laugh! You are a very handsome boy.

    Rosie Mae is 'not allowed' on the furniture, but as she gets older we seem to give in more ;o)
    The only furniture she's officially allowed on is the day bed in the loft room and we have some lovely cuddles on there!


  6. Judy, I knew you would understand.

    Renske, how did you guess, but mum tries to stop me!

    Joanna, tell Rosie Mae to keep persisting and she will win...soft furniture every time.

    Thank you ALL I love having your comments...love william.