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"Hi, I'm William (a Lurcher sighthound). In my case I'm a mixture of Deerhound, Greyhound, Bedlington, Collie & Huntaway. I was born 13th October 2007 on a farm near Tavistock Devon. Hope you will enjoy my adventures........❤️William"
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21 Jun 2011

Camera Shy?

Mum thinks she is good at taking photographs of me - so it is nice sometimes to outwit her

Ha...ha....nearly missed me!

love william


  1. Well done William!

    My Mum has many such blurred pictures which only just about catch the end of my tail or nose. They've just got to get quicker, haven't they?!

    Rosie Mae xx

  2. Hi Rosie Mae, keep up the good work!! love william.

  3. Hi Renske, so glad you like.....love william.

  4. Oh our Mum has loads like that, blurry ones, tails and our favourite, 2 grey bums running away hee hee
    E and R xx

  5. E & R, I am so glad it isn't just my mum!....love william.

  6. Thanks Robin, I knew you would understand!.... love william.

  7. my slave, John, has hundreds of nearly photographs of me
    The Warthog

  8. Glad you can outwit your slave as well The Warthog.....there seem to be a lot of us out there!